Types of Pattern: Single piece/ one piece pattern (solid pattern), Split/ Two piece pattern, Loose piece pattern, Match plate pattern, Cope and Drag pattern, Sweep pattern, Gated pattern, Skeleton pattern, Follow board pattern

 Types of Pattern Single piece/ one piece pattern (solid pattern) Split/ Two piece pattern Loose piece pattern Match plate pattern Cope and Drag pattern Sweep pattern Gated pattern Skeleton pattern Follow board pattern Single Piece Pattern Simplest pattern and inexpensive Made out of one piece and does not contain loose pieces or joints. Large size … Read more

TYPES OF PATTERN: Single-piece or solid pattern, Two-piece or split pattern, Cope and drag pattern, Three-piece or multi-piece pattern, Loose-piece Pattern, Match plate pattern, Follow board pattern, Gated pattern, Sweep pattern, Skeleton pattern, Segmental pattern

TYPES OF PATTERN The types of the pattern and the description of each are given as under. 1. One piece or solid  pattern 2. Two piece or split  pattern 3. Cope and drag pattern 4. Three-piece or multi- piece pattern 5. Loose  piece pattern 6. Match plate pattern 7. Follow board pattern 8. Gated pattern 9. Sweep pattern 10. Skeleton pattern 11. Segmental or part pattern 1. Single-piece or solid pattern Solid pattern is made of single piece without … Read more