Metal Casting: Advantages of Metal Casting, Limitations of Metal Casting, History of Metal Casting, Metal Casting History (India), Terms used in Metal Casting, Flask, Pattern, Parting line, Molding sand, Facing sand, Core, Pouring basin, Sprue, Runner, Gate, Chaplets, Riser

Metal Casting Introduction Virtually nothing moves, turns, rolls, or flies without the benefit of cast metal products. The metal casting industry plays a key role in all the major sectors of our economy. There are castings in locomotives, cars trucks, aircraft, office buildings, factories, schools, and homes. Figure some metal cast parts. Metal Casting is … Read more

METAL CASTING: PREPARATION OF MOULD, Terminology of Casting, Pattern, Drag, Cope, Check, Parting Line, Bottom Board, Facing Sand, Coal Dust, Backing Sand, Runner, Ingate, Riser, Moulding Procedure

METAL CASTING PREPARATION OF MOULD Aim: To prepare a mould for a given single piece pattern Material Required: Moulding sand, Facing sand, Baking sand, Parting sand, core, pattern, cope box, Drug box, Bottom board. Tools Required: Sprue, Riser, Chaplets, Gate cutter, Trowel, Vent rod, sleek, Bellow. Terminology of Casting: Flask:  A moulding flask is one … Read more