For many years double coil spring washers were some of our most popular production items. These
washers are generally used for railway applications, thanks to their unique geometry which prevents
the rail loosening from the railroad ties.
The experience gained from years of producing the double coil spring washers has given Growermetal
the technical ability to offer:

  • a wide range of sizes
  • a production in stainless steel AISI 316, suitable for corrosive environments
  • development and production of a patented design with partial imprinting on the washer
    bearing surface.
    The ribbed surface assures major improvement of the fastening performance of the spring washer.
    The ribs are only present on the bearing surface and therefore eliminate the risk of breakage.
    For added security, the ribs do not extend to the washer’s edge, avoiding any risk of cracking.
    In order to assure quality conformance, the washers are tested as follows:
  • hardness test
  • loading test
  • torque test
  • twisting test
  • fracture test
    Since 2000 Growermetal is a certified Q1 supplier for the German Railway.

Standard materials

  • Steel for springs 38 Si 7 (N° 1.5023) EN 10089, hardness 43-49 HRc, after heat treatment
    (hardening and tempering).
  • Stainless steel A4 (AISI 316 – N°1.4401 ) EN 10088, cold rolled.

Surface treatments

  • Burnishing
  • Mechanical zinc plating Cr6 free
  • Zinc flake coating Cr6 free DELTA-PROTEKT®, DELTA-TONE® and GEOMET®
  • Hot-dip galvanization
  • Other surface treatments on request,
    according to the minimum delivery quantities

The dimensions D21 and D25 can be also supplied in the patented version with partial imprinting on the bearing surface.

  • The specified values refer to the version in 38 Si 7.
    Standard materials: spring steel 38 Si 7, stainless steel A4 (AISI 316).

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