To cut a given specimen using plasama cutting equipment.

Equipment And Material Required:
plasama cutting equipment ,MS Sheets 150x50x5mm

Tools Required:
Wire brush, hand gloves, and chipping hammer, spark lighter.
Plasma cutting
Plasma cutting

Plasma Welding
Plasma Welding

1 Gas(helium or hydrogen) valve on the torch is opened slightly and lightened with the help of a spark lighter.

2. Now ionized gas are forced through the arc and nozzle (at aflow rate of 1.5 to 15 litres per
min) with the result that these get ionized and become plasma

3.The torch tip is to be positioned above the plates so that white cone is at a distance of 1.5mm to 3mm
from the plate
4. Torch is to be held almost vertical to the base metal sur face for cutting,

5. Torch is to be held almost vertical to the base metal surface and filler metal wire fed at angle
for Welding

5. Now filler rod is to be held at a distance of 10mm from the flame and 1.5 mm to 3 mm from
the surface of the weld pool.

6. As the backward welding allows better penetration, back ward welding is to be used.

7. After the completion of welding, slag is to be removed by means of chipping h
ammer, wire brush.

1. Ensure that torch movement is uniform.
2. See that the joints are extremely clean.

A butt joint is prepared using plasma welding and a given piece is cut by plasma cutting

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