Aim: To Join two given work pieces using plasma arc welding and Brazing and
cut the given plate into two parts using plasma cutting.

Apparatus required:
Plasma Arc Welding System

Material Required: MS flat 50x50x10 mm –3 Nos



1.The edge of the given material is prepared to the required V-shape using grinding machine

2. The machine is set to the required parameters( For Welding).

3. Place the two work pieces on the table with required position as shown in figure.

4. The work pieces are kept in the required position and tack welding is performed on the work pieces.

5. First run of welding is done to fill the gap and penetration of the weldment by holding the electrode at about 700 and filler rod at 300and move the electrode to another end uniformly.

6.Second run of welding is done with proper weaving and uniform movement so that a uniform weld bead will be obtained.

7.The scale formed is chipped with chipping hammer.

8. Filing is done to remove any spatter around the weld.

9.The machine is set to the required parameters( For Cutting)


1.Never look at the arc with the naked eye. Always use a shield while welding.

2.Always wear the safety hand gloves, apron and leather shoes.

3.Ensure proper insulation of the cables and check for openings.

4.Care is taken to avoid arc blow, which will cause serious defect in the weldment.

Result: The required butt joint is prepared by Plasma Arc Welding.

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