Design and making of Pattern

Lab: Design and making of Pattern

Aim: To prepare a split wooden pattern detailed below with allowance.

Tools Equipment & Material: Steel rule, outside caliper, Mortise Chisel, inside chisel, peering chisel, Firmer Chisel, Wood rasp half round file, outside gauge, outside chisel, Try square, Handsaw, Mallet, Sandpapers, Teak Wood given size

Procedure: Match the two rectangular wood pieces of stock and fix them together by wood screws at either end in the excess portion of wood. This must give a firm clamping of the wood pieces to turn into single piece.

In body portion of the pattern mark a center link using marking gauge and extend it to the dressed end. Using the race with counter sunk make indentations at the center of each and to form locations for the head stock and tail stock center.
The wood stock is turned on the wood turning lathe using appropriate gauge and finally finished the dimensions.
Sanding paper No. ½ or No.0 does smooth finishing
The sand paper should be moved laterally on the rotating work.

1. The tools are kept sharp to cut freely without burning and also without much pressure to cause chipping.
2. Maintain proper turning angles.
3. Be alert to avoid accidents.

Result: The Required Split pattern is prepared

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