Railway engineering: Advantages of Railways

Railway engineering


Railway engineering is a multi-faceted engineering discipline dealing with the design, construction and operation of all types of rail transport systems.

Advantages of Railways: 

Economical aspects: 

  • Due to railways, the industrial development in for off places is possible, increasing the land values & standard of living of the people. 

  • Mobility of labour has contributed to industrial development. 

  • During famines, railways have played the vital role in transporting food & clothing to the affected areas. 

  • Commercial farming is very much helped by the railway network throughout the country. 

  • Speed movement of the commodities is possible through railways. 

Cultural & Social aspects: 

  • Railway has made it easier to reach places of religious importance. 

  • Railway provides a convenient & safe mode of transport through out the country. 

  • During travel as people of different caste & religions sit together the interaction is developed.

 Political aspects: 

  • Railways have helped in the mass migration of the population. 

  • Railways have created the sense of unity among the people of different religions, areas, castes & traditions. 

  • With adequate network of railways, the central administration has become easy & effective.

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