Effect of different elements in medium manganese & 880 grade rails, Chemical composition of 880 grade rails

Effect of different elements in medium manganese & 880 grade rails.


Carbon, from carbide Fe3 C is called (cementite). Steel is fully pearlitic, carbon contents are 0.8%. It may be noted that above 0.8% carbon increases hardness, yield point and ultimate tensile strength. Beyond this percentage, it also tends to make steel brittle.


It is used for deoxidizing the molten steel. It has greater affinity for oxygen than Iron. Above 0.8% manganese enables higher tensile strength and better harden ability.


Its presence is used as deoxidizing agent in the production of steel. Presence less than 0.1% in rimmed steels and 0.1% to 0.5% in killed steel does not affect the physical properties of steel to any useful degree.


Phosphorous is a harmful element in steel. It makes steel brittle and liable to crack when cold worked. Phosphorous is usually restricted to 0.03%, to increase tensile strength, hardness and yield point.


It is also deleterious element, it makes steel liable to crack when hot. Sulphur content up to about 0.03% is generally allowed in steels.

The approximate proportion of various elements in different type of steels is as given in the Table.

chemical composition of rails

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