Selection of proper grinding wheel is a vital necessity to obtain the best results in grinding work. A wheel may be required to perform various different functions like quick removal of stock material, give a high grade surface finish, maintain close dimensional tolerances and a single wheel will fail to meet all the requirements. It is necessary therefore, that proper grain size, bond, grade, strength, shape and size of the wheel should be selected to meet the specific requirements of a job. The factors up on which the above selection will depend are as follows:

1. Properties of the material to be machined i.e. its hardness, toughness, strength etc.

2. Quality of surface finish required.

3. Grinding allowance provided on the work piece i.e. the amount of the stock material to be removed.

4. Dimensional accuracy required.

5. Method of grinding i.e. wet or dry.

6. Rigidity, size and type of machine.

7. Relative sizes of wheel and job.

8. Type of grinding to be done.

9. Speed and feed of the wheel.

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