Machinability: Factor which affect the Machinability


Gives the idea of ease with which it can be machined. 

The parameters influencing the machinability of a material are:

1. Physical Properties of material.

2. Mechanical Properties of material.

3. Chemical composition of material.

4. Micro-Structure of material

5. Cutting conditions.

Machinability of the material depends on various variable factors such as

1. Tool Life: 

Longer tool life, it enables at a given cutting speed on the speed the better is the machinability.

2. Surface finish: 

It indirectly proportional, i.e. better surface finish the higher in machinability.

3. Power Consumption: 

Lower power consumption per unit of metal removal-better machinability.

4. Cutting Forces: 

Lesser amount of cutting force required for removal of higher volume of metal under standard conditions, the higher will be the machinability.

5. Shear angle: 

Larger shear angle denotes better machinability.

6. MRR:

Rate of metal removal under standard cutting conditions.

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