Define Chaplet in casting

Chaplet in casting

Chaplet may be defined as the metallic support which is normally kept inside the mould cavity to support placement of cores.

A chaplet is made of the same composition as that of the pouring metal.

The molten metal provides sufficient heat to completely melt them first and then fuses with the casting during solidification.

If the core is shifted from its position in the mould the cavity gets displaced and produces defective casting.

Core must be firmly supported in the core seat to prevent its vertical movement due to buoyant forces experienced by the core due to poured molten metal.

Chaplet may be described as metal shapes positioned/placed between mould and core surfaces

Core supported between chaplets
Core supported between chaplets

Chaplet is required to fuse with the parent metal after pouring but practically it is very difficult to achieve and normally forms a weak joint in the casting.

The other commonly observed problem in chaplets is the condensation of moisture which results in blowholes.

Generally the chaplets are thoroughly cleaned to extract dirt, and grease before placing them in mould.

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