Aim: To Prepare a Plastic product using Injection Moulding machine

Equipment: Injection moulding machine.

Material Required: High grade poly ethylene

Description of The Equipment:

Hydraulic Plastic Injection Moulding machine, Model JIM-1HD has been designed for moulding variety components up to 45 Gms capacity in polystyrene. The machine is robustly built to ensure consistent high quality and volume production of precision components. Operator fatigue due to injection process is completely eliminated by use of hydraulic power for both the injection and releases operations.

Locking Unit: This locking made by Hydraulic Cylinder.

Injection Unit: Injection Unit consists of two guide rods, nuts, top and bottom plates with injection cylinder and barrel. Injection cylinder is designed to develop 3 Tons load. Barrel diameter 30mm is attached with the machine as standard.

Hydraulics: Hydraulic pump is driven by 3 HP Induction motor for a rated delivery of 14 lp, at 1440 Rpm and at 80kg/cm2. The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system is present in our works and is not to be altered. The oil tank capacity is 60 liters. All hydraulic system manufacturers safety precautions are provided to hydraulic system by using section strainer, which will prevent the contamination entering into the system.

Oil Cooler: Oil cooler provided to keep the oil temperatures below 500c which will gives more life to hydraulic oil in continuous use.

Electricals: Electrical control panel with automatic blind temperature controller is fixed on the right hand side of the machine for clear viewing of the temperature and for easy to operate the switches. Designed with safety measure, which will protect the motor from over load.


Injection moulding makes use of heat softening characteristics of thermo plastic materials. These materials soften when heated and re harden when cooled. No chemical change takes place when the material is heated or cool. For this reason the softening and re hardening cycle can be repeated any no. of times.

1. The granular moulding material is loaded hopper where it is metered out in a heating cylinder by a feeding device.

2. The exact amount of material is delivered to a cylinder, which is required to fill the mould completely.

3. Set the die in position Provide spacing plates if necessary. Clamping the Die using hydraulic operate ram.

4. Set the injection pressure by rotating (clockwise) the regulator knob to suit the requirement of moulding the container.

5. Switch on the heater. Set the required timings to the timers, for top and middle heater. Set the temperature by adjusting automatic temperature controller to control the bottom heater. Allow sufficient time to stabilizer. When temperature reached, operate the hand lever valve to inject the material.

6. Apply injection pressure on the heated material using plunger rod.

7. The injection ram pushes the material in to the heating cylinder and in doing so pushes a small amount of heated material out of the other end of the cylinder through the nozzle and screw bushing and into the cavity of closed mould.

8. The material is cooled in a rigid state in the mould.

9. Release the injection pressure. In clamp the Die using hydraulic operated ram.

10. The mould is then opened and piece I ejected out.

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