BRAZING: To join two sheets by brazing process


Aim: To join two sheets by brazing process.

Equipment And Material Required:

Oxy-acetylene torch, flux, filler rod, GI sheets 150x150x1mm

Tools Required: Wire brush, hand gloves, chipping hammer, spark lighter.


Brazing is coalescence of a joint with the help of a filler metal whose melting temperature is 4500C and is below solidify temperature of the base metal. The filler metal is drawn into the joint by means of capillary action.


1. The surface to be joined is cleaned properly.

2. Sheets are joined and laid by giving proper clearance.

3. Flux is applied to the joint.

4. Joint is to be heated by using welding torch to heat the filler metal to its melting temperature when the filler material is placed at the joint.

5. The filler material is flown into the service by capillary action and joint is made.


1. As the filler metal fills the joint by capillary action, give only needed clearance.

2. See that the joints are extremely clean.

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