Paytm IPO: Summary of Business and Summary of Industry

Paytm IPO

Summary of Business

We are India’s leading digital ecosystem for consumers and merchants, according to RedSeer. We offer payment services, commerce and cloud services, and financial services to 333 million consumers and over 21.1 million merchants, as of March 31, 2021. Our two-sided (consumer and merchant) ecosystem enables commerce, and provides access to financial services through our financial institution partners, by leveraging technology to improve the lives of our consumers and help our merchants grow their businesses.

Summary of Industry

India is a country of hundreds of millions of young and aspiring consumers who are underserved for payments and financial services products that serve their needs. There are millions of small businesses in India that would benefit by having increased access to affordable software, technology and financial services. Consumers and small businesses can be served through technology-led, digital-first commerce, according to RedSeer. We believe that the market segments that we serve have large growth potential, due to significant under-penetration, and the ability of technology to grow the market.

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