Why should we eat vegetables/fruits?

Why should we eat vegetables/fruits

Fresh Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of micronutrients and macronutrients (Annexure 15). The micronutrients present are minerals (like iron and calcium) and vitamins (like vitamin C, folic acid, B complex vitamins and carotenoids) whereas, the macronutrients present are complex carbohydrates/ fibre. They contain abundant amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A) and phytochemicals. Some vegetables and fruits provide very low calories (Annexure 6), whereas some others such as potato, sweet potato, tapioca and yam as well as fruits like banana are rich in starch which provides energy in good amount. Therefore, vegetables and fruits can be used to increase or decrease calories in our diet.

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