Why breast-feed the infant?

Why breast-feed the infant

Breast-milk contains all essential nutrients needed for the infant; it provides the best nutrition and protects the infant from infections. Breast-milk is a natural food and is more easily digested and absorbed by the infant as compared to formula milk prepared from other sources. Colostrum, which is the milk secreted during the first 3- 4 days after child birth, is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins especially vitamin A and antibodies. In addition, it has a laxative effect as well. Breast-feeding helps in reducing fertility and facilitates spacing of children. Lactation provides emotional satisfaction to the mother and the infant. Recent evidence suggests that human milk may confer some long term benefits such as lower risk of certain autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and related disorders and probably some cancers. Therefore, breast milk is the best milk for the newborn and growing infant.

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