Milling G Codes and Milling M Codes

Milling G Codes and Milling M Codes

Milling G Codes

G00 Rapid Positioning Motion (X,Y,Z,A,B)

G01 Linear Interpolation Motion (X ,Y,Z,A,B, F)

G02 Circular Interpolation Motion CW (X,Y,Z,A, I, J,K,R,F)

G03 Circular Interpolation Motion CCW (X,Y,Z,A, I, J,K,R,F)

G04 Dwell (P) (P=Seconds″.” Milliseconds)

G09 Exact Stop, Non-Modal

G17* Circular Motion XY Plane Selection (G02 or G03)

G18 Circular Motion ZX Plane Selection (G02 or G03)

G19 Circular Motion YZ Plane Selection (G02 or G03)

G20 Inch Coordinate Positioning

G21 Metric Coordinate Positioning

G28 Machine Zero Return Thru Ref. Point (X,Y,Z,A,B)

G29 Move to Location Through G28 Ref. Point (X ,Y,Z,A,B)

G40* Cutter Comp Cancel G41/G42/G141 (X ,Y)

G41 2D Cutter Compensation, Left (X ,Y,D)

G42 2D Cutter Compensation, Right (X ,Y,D)

G43 Tool Length Compensation + (H,Z)

G49* Tool Length Compensation Cancel G43/G44/G43

G52 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate

G53 Machine Positioning Coordinate, Non-Modal (X ,Y,Z,A,B)

G54* Work Offset Positioning Coordinate  (Setting 56)

G55 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate 

G56 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate 

G57 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate 

G58 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate 

G59 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate 

G73 HS Peck Drilling Canned Cycle (X ,Y,A,B,Z, I , J ,K,Q,P,R, L, F)

G74 Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle (X ,Y,A,B,Z, J ,R, L ,F)

G76 Fine Boring Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,I,J,P,Q,R,L,F)

G77 Black Bore Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,I, J,Q,R,L,F)

G80* Cancel Canned Cycle (Setting 56)

G81 Drill Canned Cycle (X ,Y,A,B,Z,R, L ,F)

G82 Spot Drill / Counterbore Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,P,R, L, F)

G83 Peck Drill Deep Hole Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z, I,J,K,Q,P,R,L,F)

G84 Tapping Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,J,R,L,F)

G85 Bore In ~ Bore Out Canned Cycle (X ,Y,A,B,Z,R, L ,F)

G86 Bore In ~ Stop ~ Rapid Out Canned Cycle (X ,Y,A,B,Z,R, L, F)

G87 Bore In ~ Manual Retract Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,R,L,F)

G88 Bore In ~ Dwell ~ Manual Retract Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,P,R,L,F)

G89 Bore In ~ Dwell ~ Bore Out Canned Cycle (X,Y,A,B,Z,P,R,L,F)

G90* Absolute Positioning Command

G91 Incremental Positioning Command

G92 Global Work Coordinate System

G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode ON

G94 Inverse Time Feed OFF / Feed Per Minute ON

G98 Canned Cycle Initial Point Return

G99 Canned Cycle R Plane Return

Milling M Codes

M00 Program Stop

M01 Optional Program Stop

M02 Program End

M03 Spindle ON Clockwise (S)

M04 Spindle ON Counterclockwise (S))

M05 Spindle Stop

M06 Tool Change (T)

M08 Coolant ON

M09 Coolant OFF

M30 Program End and Reset

M31 Chip Auger Forward

M33 Chip Auger Stop

M34 Coolant Spigot Position Down, Increment

M35 Coolant Spigot Position Up, Decrement

M36 Pallet Part Ready

M41 Spindle Low Gear Override

M42 Spindle High Gear Override

M50 Execute Pallet Change

M83 Auto Air Jet ON

M84 Auto Air Jet OFF

M88 Coolant Through Spindle ON

M97 Local Sub-Program Call (P, L )

M98 Sub-Program Call (P, L )

M99 Sub-Program / Routine Return of Loop (P)

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