Important Factor to be considered in Maintenance Planning

Important Factor to be considered in Maintenance Planning

The maintenance work include the following factors

⦁ Job Distribution

⦁ Programme

⦁ Man Power Allocation

⦁ Staffing

⦁ Planning Techniques

⦁ Planning Procedure.

⦁ Maintenance Control

Jot Distribution:

The first and foremost task in maintenance planning is the distribution of nthe pots to the personnel for preventive and emergence maintenance works.


A maintenance programme is a well formulated combination of the navailable skills and resources that ensures optimum and appropriate utilization to meet the objective of the organization.

Man Power Allocation:

It is the most important task of the maintenance management group. The central idea of man power allocation can be drafted using the information available from maintenance records and planning the tasks to meet the objectives of the organization.


It is the task of provided the required manpower for the maintenance function. The advantage of preventine maintenance is that the work can be planned and scheduled properly for the effective use of resources.

Planning Techniques:

The planning methods are Gantt charts, Critical path method are recently used for maintenance planning and scheduling.

 Maintenance Control:

It is the auditing technique to ensure the effective utilization of the maintenance budget. This involves the integration of with the system.

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