Component of Maintenance Cost: Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Maintenance Budget, Appropriation Budget, Fixed Budget, variable budget and Cost Minimization in Maintenance organization

Component of Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost is comprised of two factore

⦁ Fixed cost

⦁ Variable cost

Fixed Cost

This includes the cost of support facilities including the maintenance staff.

Variable Cost

This include the consumption of spare parts, replacement of components and cost other facilities required to meet the requirements of maintenance. The evaluation of maintenance cost should consider the following factors

⦁ Cost of maintenance from the recorded data.

⦁ Level and requirements of maintenance.

⦁ Cost of replacement of components and assemblies subjected to wear and tear.

⦁ Accounting the number of break downs with their levels

⦁ Downtime of the equipment for want of maintenance repair.

⦁ Penalty cost due to loss of production .

⦁ Cost of manpower involved.

⦁ Cost of additional manpower requirement for emergency breakdown and maintenance. 

Maintenance Budget

The maintenance budget is sued to set aside crtain amount of money to meet the expenditures incurred in achieveing the objectives of maintenance.

The following are the types of maintenance budget.

i) appropriation Budget

budget used to allocate money for each activity independently

ii) Fixed Budget

Fixed used to allocate money for a specified period of time.

iii) variable budget

dynamic allocation of expenditure based on maintenance requirements and activities.

Cost Minimization in Maintenance organization

⦁ Controlized, planning, scheduling and control.

⦁ Grouping of specialized workforce.

⦁ Effective later utilization strategies.

⦁ Proper and effective use of contract maintenance system to reduce the overhead costs on equipment and manpower. 

⦁ Purchase of reliable equipment and spares.

⦁ Use of skilled and trained workforce.

⦁ Proper selection of suitable type of spares, materials and bebricants. 

⦁ Proper safety education and formulating the safe practice.

⦁ Constant appraisal and education to workforce about the objectives, stragies and modern techniques adopted in the area of maintenance.

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