Advantages and disadvantages of manometers

Advantages and disadvantages of manometers

Manometer advantages

1. Relatively inexpensive.

2. Easy to fabricate.

3. Requires very little maintenance.

4. Good accuracy and sensitivity.

5. Their sensitivity can be changed by changing manometric fluids.

6. Particularly suitable to low pressures and low differential pressures.

Manometer Disadvantages 

The disadvantages of manometers are as follows :

1. Unsuitable for recording.

2. Generally large, bulky and fragile.

3. Their calibration is affected by changes in gravitational force and density of fluids and their calibration changes with altitude and temperature.

4. Surface tension of manometric fluid creates a capillary effect and possible hysteresis.

5. A particular manometer can be used only for measurement of a particular fluid/fluids.

6. Meniscus height has to be determined by accurate means to ensure improved accuracy.

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