Fire Tube Boiler: Vertical tube boiler, Horizontal tube boiler

 Fire Tube Boiler

• The boiler is named so because the products of combustion pass through the tubes which are surrounded by water.

• Depending on whether the tube is vertical or horizontal the fire tube boiler is divided into two types

1. Vertical tube boiler

2. Horizontal tube boiler

• A fire tube boiler is simple ,compact and rugged in construction. Its initial cost is low.

• Water being more and circulation being poor they cannot meet quickly to changes in steam demand.

• As water and steam ,both are in the same shell, higher pressure of steam are not possible , the maximum pressure which can be had is 17.5 kg/cm2 with a capacity of 15,000kg of steam per hour.

• For the same output the outer shell of a fire tube boiler is much larger than that of a water tube boiler.

• In the event of a sudden and major tube failure. Steam explosions may be caused in the furnace due to rush of high pressure water into the hot combustion chamber which may generate large quantities of steam in the furnace.

• Fire tube boilers use is therefore limited to low cost small size and low pressure plants.

Fire Tube Boiler
Fire Tube Boiler

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