Essential properties for cutting tool materials

Essential properties for cutting tool materials

The cutting tools need to be capable to meet the growing demands for higher productivity and economy as well as to machine the exotic materials which are coming up with the rapid progress in science and technology. The cutting tool material of the day and future essentially require the following properties to resist or retard the phenomena leading to random or early tool failure:

i. high mechanical strength; compressive, tensile, and TRA

ii. fracture toughness – high or at least adequate

iii. high hardness for abrasion resistance

iv. high hot hardness to resist plastic deformation and reduce wear rate at elevated temperature

v. chemical stability or inertness against work material, atmospheric gases and cutting fluids

vi. resistance to adhesion and diffusion

vii. thermal conductivity – low at the surface to resist incoming of heat and high at the core to quickly dissipate the heat entered

viii. high heat resistance and stiffness

ix. Manufacturability, availability and low cost.

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