CONDENSERS: Jet condenser (contact type) and Surface condenser (non-contact type)


The function of the condenser is to condense the steam exiting the turbine. The condenser helps maintain low pressure at the exhaust.

Two types of condensers are used.

Jet condenser (contact type) 

  • Exhaust steam mixes with cooling water.
  • Temperature of the condensate and cooling  water is same while leaving the condenser.
  • Condensate cannot be recovered.
  • Heat exchanged by direct conduction
  • Low initial cost 
  • High power required for pumping water.
Jet Condenser
Jet Condenser

Surface condenser (non-contact type)

  • Steam and water do not mix.
  • Condensate temperature higher than the cooling water temperature at outlet.
  • Condensate recovered is fed back to the boiler.
  • Heat transfer through convection.
  • High initial cost.
  • Condensate is not wasted so pumping power is less.
Surface Condenser
Surface Condenser

Surface Condenser
Surface Condenser

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