Arc cutting

Arc cutting

In arc cutting, the metal is simply melted by heat of arc and then blown away by force of arc or by any other gases such as air or shielding gases.Depending upon source of heat input, many arc cuttings are there.

Carbon arc cutting(CAC)

Air carbon arc cutting(AAC)

Oxygen arc cutting(AOC)

Shielded metal arc cutting(SMAC)

Gas metal arc cutting(GMAC)

Gas tungsten arc cutting(GTAC)

Plasma arc cutting(PAC)

In all these processes, the equipment used is similar except the torch.The torch holds the electrode and supply high pressure gas where needed.

Carbon arc cutting

The process carries a carbon electrode to obtain the required arc.The metal that is cut is blown away by arc force and gravity.

Air carbon –arc cutting

Here the arc is obtained between copper coated graphite or carbon electrode and the work piece with molten metal being forced out by means of a compressed air at pressure of 550 to 690kPa.

Oxygen arc cutting

It carries a hollow tubular electrode to obtain the arc. Compressed oxygen is forced through a hollow portion so that metal is oxidized and blown in a similar manner as oxy fuel gas cutting (OFC).

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