For good control of heating devices such as
hearth or forging furnace, the following
points   are
should always be considered.

1. The nozzle pointing into the centre of the
hearth is called the
tuyre and is used to direct
a stream of air into the burning coke. The air is supplied by centrifugal blower.

2. As the hottest part of the fire is
close to the tuyre opening, therefore, the tuyre is provided with a water
jacket to prevent it from burning

3. The hood provided at the top of hearth
collects smoke, fumes etc., and directs them away from the workplace through the chimney
in form of exhaust.

4. The fuel for the fire may be either black-smithing coal or coke. To
light the fire, either use paper and sticks or preferably a gas poker.

5. Impurities will collect as clinker and
must be removed from the bottom of the fire when the fire cools.

6. The blowers are used to control the
air supply using forced draught. Regulators control the draught and the temperature of the fire.

7. Blower delivers to forge adequate
supply of air at proper pressure which is very necessary for the combustion of fuel.

8.  A centrifugal blower driven by an
electric motor is an efficient means of air supply
in forging hearth.

9. Fire tools such as rake, poker and
slice are generally used to control or manage the
fire and theses tools are kept nearby the side of the hearth. Rake is
used to take heated workpiece out of the fire. Poker is a steel rod which is
used to poke (stir)   fire in the hearth.

10. The place of the metal to be heated
should be placed just above the compact centre
of a sufficiently large fire with additional fuel above to reduce the
heat loss and atmospheric oxidation.


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