Powder metallurgy technique

metallurgy technique

metallurgy technique is become more versatile due to its wide application in various
industries, and this technique is used to fabricate various mechanical and
structural components. The powder metallurgy may be described as an art of
manufacturing commercial products from the powdered metals and alloys. The
process consists of compressing the irregularly shaped powdered metals particle
in a die of the desired shape of the part to be produced. After completion of
compaction process, the sintering of the prepared structure is followed in avacuum furnace. To meet the dimensional tolerance
some finishing process is required.

process is applicable to an individual metal powder, to amixture of metals or alloyed powder with or
without theaddition of other little
quantity of material as for an example the reinforcing material. Initially,
this process is used to replace casting for different metals which were
difficult to melt due to thehigh melting
point temperature. This method is quite popular in the field of metal process
for making complex, economical mechanical components such as bearing, gears,
cam, cemented carbide and other multilevel parts.

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