Objectives of Industrial Safety

 Objectives of Industrial Safety

The objectives of industrial safety are as follows:

1.  Industrial safety is needed to check all the possible chances of accidents for preventing loss of life and permanent disability of any industrial employee, any damage to machine and material as it leads to the loss to the whole establishment.

2.  It is needed to eliminate accidents causing work stoppage and production loss.

3.  It is needed to prevent accidents in industry by reducing any hazard to minimum.

4.  It is needed to reduce workman’s compensation, insurance rate and all the cost of accidents.

5.  It is required to educate all members regarding the safety principles to avoid accidents in industry.

6.  It is needed to achieve better morale of the industrial employees.

7.  It is required to have better human relations within the industry.

8.  It is needed to increase production means to a higher standard of living.

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