Effect of Accidents In Industries

 Effect of Accidents In Industries

The adverse effects of the accident are given as under—

(A)  Effect on the owner of factory

(i)  Direct cost of an accident

1. Cost of the compensation paid to the workers.

2. Cost of the money paid for treatment.

3. Cost of the monetary value of damaged tools, equipments and materials.

(ii) Indirect cost of an accident

1. Cost of the lost time of injured worker.

2. Cost of the time lost by other employees.

3. Cost of the delays in production.

4. Cost of the time lost by supervisors, safety engineers etc.

5. Cost of the lowered production due to substitute worker.

(B)   Effect on worker

1. The industrial workers may get temporary or permanent disability.

2. If the industrial worker dies, his family loses the earner and the compensation never equals to his earnings.

3. Accident also affects the morale of the employees working in the manufacturing environment.

(C)  Effect on society

Work connected with injuries put a considerable burden on society also as given as under:

1. Cost of accidents is included in the products, so the society has to pay more prices for the industrial products.

2.  If some industrial workers do not come under compensation act, the need for help from society is much greater.

3. Loss of production hours may causes fewer products in market. So more prices if demand is more than production.

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