Thick web switches and its advantages

Thick web switches

Thick web switches are an ideal solution for heavy haul/
passenger traffic lines as well as for high speed lines. The asymmetrical
section in these switches offers a very high lateral rigidity, increasing the
life of the switch. These can be supplied for partially or fully canted

These switches are made from specific asymmetrical tongue rail
sections, forged at the end to match standard rail sections. The transition
from one section to the other lies mostly in the clamped area at the end of the
switch. Thus welding becomes superfluous in the flexible area.
The length of the forging can be adjusted to the specific
connecting system such as welding, insulated fishplate or emergency fishplate.
In order to reduce the setting forces and to influence the elastic strength of
the switch, the base of the switch rail is milled in the flexible area.
Ø Reduces jerks
Ø Considerably lengthens
life span
Ø  Ensures minimum distortion under moving load
through high lateral rigidity
Ø  Leaves no welded joint in the complete,
non-clamped switch area
Thick web switches
Thick web switch

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