Machining Operations Usually Done In Centre Lathes

 Machining Operations Usually Done In Centre Lathes

The machining operations generally
carried out in centre lathes are :
  •  Facing
  •  Centering
  • Rough and finish turning
  • Chamfering, shouldering,
    grooving, recessing etc
  • Axial drilling and reaming by
    holding the cutting tool in the tailstock barrel
  • Taper turning by
  1. offsetting the
  2. swivelling the
    compound slide
  3. using form tool with
    taper over short length
  4. using taper turning
    attachment if available
  5. combining longitudinal
    feed and cross feed, if feasible.
  • Boring (internal turning); straight
    and taper
  • Forming; external and internal
  • Cutting helical threads; external
    and internal
  • Parting off
  • Knurling

In addition to the aforesaid regular
machining operations, some more operations are also occasionally done, if
desired, in centre lathes by mounting suitable attachments available in the
market, such as,

  • Grinding, both external and
    internal by mounting a grinding attachment on the saddle
  • Copying (profiles) by using
    hydraulic copying attachment
  • Machining long and large threads
    for lead screws, power-screws, worms etc. by using thread milling attachment.



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