Applications of electro- chemical machining (ECM)

Applications of electro-
chemical machining (ECM)

technique removes material by atomic level dissolution of the same by
electrochemical action. Thus the material removal rate or machining is not
dependent on the mechanical or physical properties of the work material. It
only depends on the atomic weight and valency of the work material and the
condition that it should be electrically conductive. Thus ECM can machine any electrically
conductive work material irrespective of their hardness, strength or even
thermal properties. Moreover as ECM leads to atomic level dissolution,
the  surface finish is  excellent with almost stress free 
machined surface and  without any thermal damage. ECM is used for

  •   Die  sinking
  •    Profiling and  contouring
  •   Trepanning
  •   Grinding
  •   Drilling
  •   Micro-machining

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